The PixElidy S shares the same optical characteristics as the rest of the range. These include a high quality white LED with a high colour rendering index for a rich, saturated light and a narrow 10° lens that produces a fine, powerful beam for precise spot lighting.

 Its light weight and small size make it easy to fit into the most confined spaces. Its simple, functional design means it’s discreet and easy to overlook in any environment. It can be used in a wide range of applications including stages, hotels and restaurants, shops, museums and galleries, TV studios and cinemas.

The projector’s theatre-inspired yoke provides 360° pan and tilt adjustment and ensures a secure hold. The bracket is removable, allowing the projector to be remounted on other hanging accessories or set elements. 

Its IP63 rating makes it impervious to dust and water. It can be used outdoors when covered.

Optional accessories are available:
- Holographic filters to change beam width (spot, flood, asymmetric)
- Halo shield to reduce glare.
- Magnetic base for quick installation on a metal stand.

Required products

In order to work, the PixElidy S needs the following products to provide power and intensity control.
The Pixelidy-Gate is the "bridgehead" of the Pixelidy system. As well as merging the 48V power supply and the DMX signal onto a single output, it provides electrical protection and isolates the signal from all the peripherals connected downstream. 
Drivelidy is an LED dimmer that controls the light intensity of 6 PixElidys.
Its 16-bit resolution (i.e. more than 65,000 steps) gives it extremely precise dimming levels, a perfectly linear, jerk-free on/off curve and perfect LED stability even at very low levels. 
The P-cable allows to connect a Pixelidy drive to a Pixelidy lamp. It is available at different length from 0.5m to 5m.
The D-cable is a hybrid cable allowing to connect a Pixelidy gate to Pixelidy drives providing power and data. It is possible to link up to 12 Pixelidy drives. It is available at different length from 0.5m to 10m.

Technical specifications

  • Dimensions58 mm (w) x 51 mm (h) x 31 mm (d)
  • Weight58 gr (touring version: 70 gr)
  • MaterialsBlack anodised aluminium and black ABS
  • CoolingPassive
  • Cable type2 pins M6 male plug ; Length : 500 mm ; 2x0.3 mm
  • Cable material Nylon PA66 flame resistance material
  • Operating temperature0 – 45°C
  • Warranty1 year
  • IP ratingIP63
  • Type of LEDLUMILEDS Luxeon TX or Z
  • Number of LEDs1
  • Colour temperature (K)2700 ; 3000 ; 3500 ; 4000 ; 5700
  • IRCMin 90 / Typ 92
  • Step Macadam3
  • Lumiinous efficacity102 lm/W @ 3000 K
  • OpticsTIR lense / 10° / Ø 21,6 mm / PMMA clear
  • Voltage3 VDC
  • Current700 mA constant current
  • Power2.1 W

EN62368-1:2020 +A11
EN60598-2-17 :2018


  • ReferenceDescription
  • PX130Bare Pixelidy-S
  • PX131Bare Pixelidy-S + full accessory kit
  • ReferenceDescription
  • PX230Black anodised aluminium halo cover for Pixelidy-S
  • PX232Magnetic base for Pixelidy-S
  • PX233/CSet of 6 circular holographic filters, 20°
  • PX233/ASet of 6 asymetrical holographic filters, 15x45°
  • ReferenceDescription
  • PX321/0,5P-Cable (M6) ; 1 male plug + 1 female plug ; length 0,5m
  • PX321/1P-Cable (M6) ; 1 male plug + 1 female plug ; length 1m
  • PX321/2,5P-Cable (M6) ; 1 male plug + 1 female plug ; length 2,5m
  • PX321/5P-Cable (M6) ; 1 male plug + 1 female plug ; length 5m
The maximum length between the Pixelidy Drive and a Pixelidy S must not exceed 5m.


Pixelidy S brochure
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