A high quality white LED with a high colour rendering index for a rich, saturated light and a narrow 10° lens that produces a fine, powerful beam for precise spot lighting. 

Drivelidy is an LED dimmer that controls the light intensity of 6 PixElidys. Its 16-bit resolution (i.e. more than 65,000 steps) gives it extremely precise dimming levels, a perfectly linear, jerk-free on/off curve and perfect LED stability even at very low levels. 

Our Philosophy : Impressionist lighting

When we started working on architectural projects (high-end boutiques and restaurants, auditoriums, villas, private collections, etc.), we quickly came across a pitfall. Traditional architectural lighting focuses much more on the originality and beauty of the fixtures than on the quality of the light itself. What’s more, the ability to control the light is often very limited: intensity dimming without finesse, often by zone or even by entire room, based on old, technically limited protocols. 

Whereas stage lighting treats light in all its dimensions, as an actor in its own right, capable of conveying the full range of human emotions, in the architectural field it is unfortunately treated in a very static and purely utilitarian way. The beauty and uniqueness of the work illuminated, whether an object or a building, is not sufficiently respected.

We work with light so that it sublimates places, works of art and people, and not simply illuminates them. We make it change, come alive and adapt to the life of the places we equip. We are convinced that light should be worked in the impressionist manner, with small touches, that it should focus on details and, above all, give thanks to the work of creators, whoever they may be.

We believe in living light, the fourth dimension of architecture.