A staple on the world's most beautiful stages since 2012, Elidy Strip projectors have earned a solid reputation among professionals and artists alike for their elegance, incomparable luminous rendering and unique matrixing capabilities and the generation of unprecedented volumetric effects.

Elidy Strip combines high-output, calibrated, warm white LEDs with custom optics to generate extremely narrow beams which far exceed the intensity of standard LED screens.

An accelerometer-based-system means Elidy Strip can automatically detect its own orientation (vertical or horizontal) in a rig and adapt its programming to match, thus simplifying the programming process. More exciting still, and unique to Ereimul Elidy Strip, each fixture has new on-board Addressing Technology which works by touch to set the DMX/pixel address for every fixture in turn. Technicians and designers are going to love this fast and ingenious way of setting up their complex systems.

Elidy Strip is modular in form, based around a line of 5 or 15 very high power LEDs which are driven by state of the art electronics. Up to 45 Elidy strip 5 [PX111] or 15 Elidy Strip 15 [PX116] can be run off one PSX9 power supply unit. These strips can then be rigged side by side to form larger projection areas or architectural structures.

Dominique A - 2015

Dominique A - 2015

Transmusicales 2015



Required products

In order to work, the Elidy S needs the following product to provide power and intensity control.
Drivelidy is an LED dimmer that controls the light intensity of 6 PixElidys.
Its 16-bit resolution (i.e. more than 65,000 steps) gives it extremely precise dimming levels, a perfectly linear, jerk-free on/off curve and perfect LED stability even at very low levels. 
The S-cable is a hybrid 4 pins XLR cable allowing to connect PSX9 and a Elidy product providing power and DMX data. It is available at different length from 2m to 12m.

Technical specifications

  • Dimensions Elidy Strip 5300 mm (w) x 35 mm (h) x 75 mm (d)
  • Weight Elidy Strip 50.65 Kg
  • Dimensions Elidy Strip 15900 mm (w) x 35 mm (h) x 75 mm (d)
  • Weight Elidy Strip 151.2 Kg
  • MaterialsAluminium black powder paint RAL 9005 and black ABS
  • CoolingPassive
  • Cable type2 Hybrid cables 4 pins XLR IN & OUT
  • Operating temperature0 – 45°C
  • Warranty1 year
  • IP ratingIP40
  • Type of LEDLUMILEDS Luxeon TX or Z
  • Number of LEDs25
  • Colour temperature (K)2700 (custom color temperature on request)
  • IRCMin 90 / Typ 92
  • Step Macadam3
  • Lumiinous efficacity98 lm/W @ 2700K
  • OpticsTIR lense / 10° / Ø 21,6 mm / PMMA clear
  • Voltage48 VDC
  • Current2 A constant current
  • Power Elidy Strip 516 W
  • Power Elidy Strip 1548 W

UL certified


  • ReferenceDescription
  • PX111Elidy-Strip-5
  • PX116Elidy-Strip-15
  • ReferenceDescription
  • PX301/2S-Cable ; 1 male plug + 1 female plug ; length 2m
  • PX301/6S-Cable ; 1 male plug + 1 female plug ; length 6m
  • PX301/12S-Cable ; 1 male plug + 1 female plug ; length 12m


Elidy S commercial brochureElidy S user manual
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