The Elidy PSX9 power supply is essential to the operation of the Elidy line: it's the heart of the system. It provides the power needed to supply each tile and/or strip via hybrid cables (mixing power and data), but above all, it allows Elidy to be controlled via its multiple inputs (DMX, ArtNet, sAcn) and integrated media server. 

The PSX9 can accept multiple sources. 
Its front panel features a display for easy parameter setting.

Data management through DMX, ArtNet and sACN
Elidy implements a very advanced, though intuitive and userfriendly, pixel-mapping interface (the Pixel Engine) that makes it perfect for creating truly funky animations, from the simplest to the most complex. Data management is handled using conventional DMX daisy-chaining, but also, more unusually, via unique ArtNet daisy-chaining which is both simpler and faster than conventional star-shape cabling. Last but not least, Elidy has full sACN networking capabilities, very useful for the smooth handling of big lighting systems with complex data networks.

Animation Maker
Elidy integrates Animation Maker, a powerful GIF sequencer which controls Elidy like a moving light using the minimum number of DMX channels. Effects such as dimming, shuttering, iris and strobe effects can be brought into play and combined with two banks of animated GIF images. The software includes 130 factory-set GIFs with room for the addition of 40 customised GIFs.


Technical specifications

  • Dimensions390 mm (w) x 200 mm (h) x 86 mm (d)
  • Weight4.5 Kg
  • MaterialsAluminium black powder paint RAL 9005 and black ABS
  • Input signalDMX, ArtNet, sAcn (I ntegrated merger)
  • Output signal3 Hybrid 4 pins XLR ports
  • CoolingActive
  • Operating temperature0 – 45°C
  • Warranty1 year
  • IP ratingIP23
  • Input voltage90-240 VAC
  • Input frequency50-60Hz
  • Input current12-5,2A
  • Input power1100W

UL certified


  • ReferenceDescription
  • PX104Elidy-PSX9
  • ReferenceDescription
  • PX301/2S-Cable ; 1 male plug + 1 female plug ; length 2m
  • PX301/6S-Cable ; 1 male plug + 1 female plug ; length 6m
  • PX301/12S-Cable ; 1 male plug + 1 female plug ; length 12m


Elidy S commercial brochureElidy S user manualElidy PSX9 update pack
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